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What is Internship?
An internship is a work-related learning experience programme for an individuals who wish to develop real time work experience in a certain occupational field in real market. Most internship are temporary assignments that running from three months up to a year.

What is Technology internship?
An IT Industry is a fast and ever changing sector. A Technology Internship is best programme to get real time working experience.

Who are Interns?
Interns are usually university students, or university graduates and other IT Students who have not yet found employment.

What do Interns do?
An intern is someone who works in a temporary position for an employer who will gain knowledge of working in IT Industries.

What are some advantages of an Internships?
With the development of economies and globalization, exposure to business and culture is becoming a necessary and valuable experience for college graduates entering onto the job market. A Real time experience in an academic program brings a significant edge to individuals when seeking career employment. Employers are always looking for persons who are self-confident, worldly and knowledgeable of a multicultural world. Successful completion of an internship program at WebGangesedu will further develop characteristics, which are desired by companies in the real business world.
  • Internships help individuals to combine theory with practical work experience.
  • We provides interns an opportunity to work on onsite projects.
  • Internships helps develop professional work habits.
  • Internship is often an excellent way of gaining actual employment in the same occupational field.

Recruitment surveys have found that almost half of all employers convert at least a fifth of their interns into permanent staff members & the survey holds good at WebGangesedu too.
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